Our Value Proposition

De-risking biomedical innovations increasing their chance to enter the value chain.


Our proposal in 3 steps


Licensing-in biomedical technology

We look for innovation opportunities both in universities &research institutions, and biotech & Pharmaceutical companies

Transforming knowledge into products

After thorough analysis and planning, we conduct the key activities and experiments to achieve the next value milestone

Finding the best way to market

We look for the optimal partner (VC, Pharma…) to keep the project in track towards its next milestone

Our proposal

For Research Institutions

We put your product in the track to market. We take the lead in:

  • In depth analysis of the technology in the light of market needs and development feasibility
  • Gap identification to fulfill proposed target product profile
  • Definition of project work plan
  • Execution of key activities and experiments with our own investment
  • Looking for partners after de-risking stage

And we share success with our sourcing partners.

For Industry

We offer you a portfolio of market driven de-risked projects

We specially pay attention to five key feasibility drivers:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Technical
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Regulatory

For Investors

We offer you market driven de-risked opportunities. Our offer includes:

  • Highly innovative biomedical technologies
  • Well defined business plan
  • Expert management team
  • Defined exit strategy

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Either if you have a project to license,
or you are looking for biomedical projects …

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