Meet Our Team

Spherium professionals have extensive experience in both academic and industry environments in the process of biomedical R&D. Besides our experience we are defined by:

Cool heads: to make decisions, establish priorities, analyze and solve problems: basically to clearly identify THE questions to be answered.

Warm hearts: to love our job, make most of ourselves and others, appreciate and respect them and focus our energies in common goals.

Working hands: to answer those questions willing to go the extra mile.

  • Luis Ruiz-Ávila, PhD. CEO

    Molecular biologist by training, with experience in academic research, pharmaceutical drug development and biotech start-up creation and management.

  • Maribel Berges,
    Chemical Engineer, MBA. CFO

    Expert in valuating innovative projects, business plans for technology start-ups and negotiation of financing deals and license agreements for the biotech industry.

  • Ramon Bosser, PhD. COO

    Cell biologist by training, with experience in academic research and drug development, with focus on project and alliance management from preclinical to commercial stage projects.

  • Jorge Alemany, MD, PhD, MBA.
    Director Madrid Office

    MD, Ph in Molecular biology and MBA by training, with experience in academic research, Advance Medicines development, biotech start-up creation and management.

  • Jordi Armengol, PhD.
    Senior Project Manager

    Biochemist by training, with specific expertise in molecular biology, cell culture and ADME. Experience in CRO and Pharmaceutical Industry drug development as study director and project manager

  • Montserrat Cano Biosca, PhD
    Senior Project Manager

    PhD in Chemistry  (UB, Barcelona-Spain) and Postdoc from GSK (Cambridge-UK). Industrial experience as a Medicinal Chemist and Project Manager from 2002.

  • Wilmar Castillo Ávila, PhD
    Senior Project Manager

    Biologist by training, with academic experience in molecular biology and translational research, and pharmaceutical experience in drug discovery.

  • Natàlia Ferrer Ametller, MBA

    Over 10 years experience in financial and administrative management, controlling budgets and projects , negotiation with banks, and developing pricing strategies.

  • Nuria Lluch, MSc
    Senior Project Manager

    Biochemist by training, with academic experience in biochemical research and industrial experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery in biological screening.

  • Jordi Ortiz Sagrista, MsC
    Senior Project Manager

    Chemist focused on biochemistry by training with experience in academic research and pharmaceutical industry R&D. Preclinical and clinical bioanalysis and project management.

  • Benjamín Santos, PhD
    Senior Project Manager

    Pharmacist and biochemist by training. Experience in drug development from discovery to clinical. Special knowledge in pharmacokinetics, drug delivery and animal models.

  • Cristina Tarragó Asamara, PhD
    Senior Project Manager

    Food and Medical Microbiologist by training. Expertise in management of R&D Biomedical projects, Technology Transfer, Science Management and promotion of public-private partnerships.

Our Advisors


Our advisors help us to go one step further thanks to:
Global strategic mindset, Extensive expertise, Deep technical understanding,
Lateral thinking and Distance from focus.

  • Richard D. Gill, PhD
    Member of Spherium’s
    Operative Committe

    Dr. Gill holds a Ph.D. in Endocrinology and a B.Sc. in Physiology and Biochemistry. He has over 20 years of strategic management, research, and technology commercialization experience in the life sciences industry. At present he is a member at Launchpad Venture Group and is Director at Neuroptix Corp.