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Spherium's key patent milestones in 2017

Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) management is a key element for any company focused in drug development. Spherium Biomed is not the exception. The company sources most of their projects from academic institutions which are usually of public nature.

“We take full responsibility not only for the regular, reactive maintenance and defense of the IP we license from universities, but also for the prospective, proactive generation of data to support the evaluation process. And sometimes we generate experimental results that allow us to deliver new IP, always in coordination with the original inventors” explains Luis Ruiz-Ávila, CEO of Spherium Biomed.

So, it’s time to look at what happened during the first half of 2017 in the IP front. Spherium leaves up to the readers to decide if the results are consistent with what is described above:

Mucomel (SP13004): The patent that protects our mucositis product has been granted in China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Australia, US and the EU.

Cyclatop (SP14019): In January, Spherium filed a composition of matter Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application for this topical Cyclosporine solution for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. The patent application was published last July. The product is also covered by an umbrella patent already granted in the US, Japan and Australia.

Comboprofen (SP12006): The PCT application of this mild muscular pain product received a very positive written opinion from the European Patent Office (EPO). Spherium entered national and regional phases in the more relevant markets last March.

SP15016: A key patent covering this product for prevention of drug-induced acute kidney injury was granted in the US.

SP14040: Spherium's cognition deficit product has seen the 2014 application deemed grantable in some countries. The company expects this application to be accepted “as is” in several countries over the next year, confirming the high scientific level of the research and the quality standards of the tech-transfer team at the Jagiellonian University in Poland.

SP12008: Part of the broad patent application covering this preclinical biological candidate for autoimmune diseases has been granted in Europe and Australia and validated in the most relevant European countries. Spherium filed a new patent application in July and plans to file for new patents in the next months.

SP15028: The international patent application of Spherium's product for the acute, local and fast regenerative treatment of muscle injury has entered national and regional phases in the most relevant markets.

All these achievements couldn’t have been possible without great foundations. Spherium works closely with such excellent and diverse research and tech-transfer teams from all over the world. Such commitment translates in an ever-growing investment from our side as the portfolio IP reaches maturity.