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12 JUNE 2017

Aquilón, Spherium's veterinarian spin-out, opens a funding round

Aquilón, Spherium Biomed's veterinarian spin-out located in León (Spain), has opened a series A funding round to expand and progress its pipeline and consolidates the diagnostics division.

Aquilón is developing innovative products for increasing the productivity in livestock animals. The three most important keywords in its value proposition are alternative to antibiotics. Antibiotic use in intensive breeding of livestock is a serious concern due to its potential impact in the extension of antibiotic resistance to human bacteria. The veterinarian industry is acting consequently, with a clear shift in R&D priorities, focused now in improved diagnostics, better vaccines and probiotics.

Spherium Biomed spun-out Aquilón in 2012, in collaboration with the University of León and the financial support of the venture group Clave Mayor. Aquilón mirrors Spherium’s business model in many ways: lean structure, focus on project management, sourcing from academia… The company is now reaching maturity. It generates revenues on the sales of diagnostics services and swine dysentery auto-vaccines in Spain, and has an active development portfolio: two products approaching registration (a probiotic for the improvement of piglet dysbiosys and an improved diagnostic for swine brucellosis), a first-in-class vaccine to Swine Dysentery undergoing experimental efficacy, and two early stage potentially ground-breaking projects for important bovine and poultry diseases. Also it is expected that Aquilón will sign important deals in 2017 for the probiotic and dysentery vaccine projects.